The 5-Year-Old’s Hair Struggles Many Mothers Can Resonate With


When mother Markeisha Simien from Louisiana got her daughter ready for her first day at school, she made sure her hair style was not with a hair out of place. Braided perfectly, and finished off with a red bow for her daughter Charle-Feigh, she took a picture of her work and off her little girl went to school.


It was then on Charle-Feigh’s return home from school when her mother saw what her hair looked like that has since garnered attention online from people as far away as Hawaii, Jamaica and Australia.

When Markeisha picked her daughter up from school that same day, she saw the damage her daughter had caused to her perfectly well made ‘do. She decided to take another photo and share the before and after on her Facebook.

She was never expecting the reaction this would get.


“I’m so overwhelmed right now. I can say this: I picked my baby up from school at 3:30 p.m. and posted that picture by 4 p.m. at the latest. By 9 p.m. that night I had to take it down because it already had more than 40,000 likes and shares and it was scaring me.”

She then continued, “I didn’t understand at the time that so many people were relating to that. Some people wrote that they were having horrible days and her picture turned their days around.”

Before this, however, the single mother admitted that she was upset when she saw that her 30-minute work on her daughters hair was completely ruined.

“I was devastated at first,” recalled Simien. “I was furious when she got in the car. I was like, ‘What, when, how and who?’ She was like, ‘It was itching.'” Nevertheless, by the evening, Simien saw the funny side of the situation, and having posted it on Facebook, she saw how so many mothers resonated with their struggles with their own children’s hair.


One response to her post in particular touched her deeply. This message came from an elderly woman in Covington, Louisiana, who recalled a time she used to take before-and-after school photos herself.

“Her daughters are grown now, and for her to see my post on Facebook brought her so much joy,” said Simien.

The next day, Charle-Feigh was quite a proud little girl when she told her mom she hadn’t played with her hair. ‘When your baby get in the car with this smile and these words….. ”mommy, Mommy…i didn’t play with my hair and I didn’t pull my socks down! [sic].’