These Habits Will Strengthen Your Parent-Child Relationship


I am so happy to have a career however, it hasn’t left me with a lot of time to bond with my kids. While closing a business deal is crucial in your job promotion (after all it is how you provide for your family), it is important to strengthen your relationship with your child and get that connection deepened.

Eat together
Research reveals that spending regular meals with your children is likely to result in massive benefits like improved academic performance, better eating habits and strong social skills.  Set time for family meals even if your busy schedule at work doesn’t allow you to have dinner with them on a daily basis. Snacking together or a breakfast with the whole family are easy solutions to stay connected with everyone especially your kids.

Play together
Since play is every child’s greatest occupation, why not join them?  That way fun is multiplied and you get to coached them with sportsmanship and social skills.  Whether you and your son are up for a basketball game or a video game, what matters most is the connection that you develop together.

 Bedtime chat
Just as eating meals together is important, so as spending some chat time with your kids before you tuck them to bed.  Bedtime chat and snuggles encourage opportunities to communicate about their homework, extra-curricular activities and even the challenges that they are up to.  This way, you’ll be able to acknowledge their fears and dreams and they’ll feel relieved that they got your patient ears and shoulders to lean on.

Distribute chores
Give your children tasks that are appropriate for their age.  When they have finished the chores, thank and praise them for their accomplishments.  This way, they will feel valued, and their self-esteemed will be boosted.

Show love daily
Nothing beats a demonstration of your love to your child on a regular basis.  Small affections like sticking a sweet note that says “Take care” on his lunch box is deeply appreciated.  Hugging him many times a day and saying “I love you” are powerful reassurance that your love is unwavering.

family eating a meal with chopsticks