Use These 3 Powerful Phrases to Raise a Happy Kid


The ability to raise a happy and independent child is one of the greatest achievements of any parent.  It is therefore crucial to foster a healthy relationship with your kid. How? The key is through effective communication.  Try using these simple words and sentences when talking to your children and you’ll be amazed at what they could become.


  1. “I need to think about that.”

Moms have the tendency to give their kids an immediate response whenever children have demands or needs.  Little do we realize that when we give in to children’s expectation right away, we usually end up feeling frustrated.  Let’s say your 5-year-old daughter asks permission to stay at her friend’s house for the night.  Don’t immediately say yes or no. Ideally, tell her “I need to think about that” in order to maintain your authority. It also gives you time to think about her request.  On her end, such a response will teach her the idea that people need time to think things through and assess the advantages and disadvantages of a decision.  As such, she’ll get used to this process and so will be able to apply it to her self so she can become a smart decision maker in the future.

  1. “Let’s see if we can find something good in this.”

A broken car toy or a canceled tour to a local zoo can be heartbreaking for a child. The least you can do as a parent is to let your child be.  Let him feel sadness and disappointment. Rushing to comfort your child is no easy feat. Listen as he pours out his emotions through crying and screaming. When he’s calm, gently tell him “ “Let’s see if we can find something good in this.”  Of course, your child will not be happy to hear such a response. However, remain firm and ask him of any positive things you can do together in lieu of the cancelled trip. A movie date in the comfort of your living room – with popcorn on the side – can be good. You and your kid can also bake chocolate chip cookies or any pastry your child loves.  This way your child can learn how to adjust and overcome his disappointment and realize all the good that can happen after a bad day.

  1. “Take a deep breath.”

Rushing to school with your child to get ready for his presentation or getting in time to his dentist can be overwhelming. These activities can also lead to anxiety and pressure.  Note that we can affect the moods of our kids. When we are worried, they also feel the same. Pause and take a deep breath to relax and remind yourself that you can manage a busy day.  When they see you exude grace under pressure, they will learn to do so as well.