What to Bring on a Road Trip to Keep Toddlers Busy


Family road trips are exciting and adventurous as you explore places you’ve never been to. When you can’t leave your toddlers at home with family or a trusted babysitter, your parenting skills will be put to the test. How challenging could it get when you have kids screaming and crying. Your objective for your long drive is to have everyone enjoy the ride as you look forward to a relaxing beach getaway. Trust us, these items are as important as keeping your sanity so never ever forget them so you can keep your tots happy and busy:

Comfortable car seats for children.
Prioritize comfort and safety among others especially when you are taking your kids with you on a road trip. A convenient car seat appropriate for their age will make their long hours of sitting a relaxing one. This is especially true when they take their nap time as they are buckled in safely and positioned comfortably.

Cooler Bag.
A hungry baby makes him irritated and yes hangry. So don’t forget a variety of food and drinks for everyone. A cooler keeps everything fresh especially if you brought perishable foods like fruits. Long road trips call for snacks every few hours so better get them ready.

Manual breast pump.
If you’re a nursing mother, manual breast pumps are your best friends. if you are in a car nursing is impossible so you will have to bottle feed to pacify the tantrums of your hungry toddler. The best time to collect milk is when your kid is asleep or busy playing. This way you’ll be able to focus on gathering as much milk as you can and to have enough to feed your child.

Coloring books with magic pens.
A classic activity to keep your toddlers busy is to get them play and learn with coloring books and magic pens. These tools will not only hone their creativity and coloring skills, but it will also keep the relatively quiet as they focus on their drawings. You won’t have to worry about any spills thanks to the no-mess pens.

Extra diapers, wipes, clothes and sickness bags.
A lot of pee and poop are inevitable for your little ones so have plenty of their basics to make your cleaning session a simple one. Motion sickness bags are reliable if you have a kid who easily gets dizzy with long travels.

toddler in car seat