Why You Shouldn’t Shelter Your Children


As mothers there is nothing for horrific then seeing harm and heartbreak come to our children. We have this natural instinct to shield them from the dangers of the world. We want their lives to be full of happiness and joy. This feeling will sometimes drive us to be a little overprotective with our children. Newsflash, parents, by being that overprotective you aren’t doing any favors for your children in the long run.

Some of the best lessons we learn in life are direct results of some huge mistakes we made. It could have been something we said, a way we treated someone or a wrong turn down a bad street. We may get into some trouble by these mistakes, but at least we learned a powerful lesson from them.

Instead of not allow your child to go out with his friends, just warn him of things to look out for. I was raised in this manner. I was shown what the world was made of and I looked out for myself. I never talked to strangers because I was made to know that they were potential dangers. When in a swimming pool I would always cling to the edges until I knew I was able to swim correctly and then I’d venture out.

If you keep your child inside and completely shielded, they’ll grow up one day and not know how to mesh with the world around them. You don’t want to throw them into the sea of humanity with warning, but walk them in very slowly. This way you’ll raise a tough kid. One that knows how to really handle himself in the heat of the moment.

Sheltering your kids will leave them very unprepared for the real world. You should provide them with wisdom.

kid wrapped plastic and wearing helmet and hold bat