Woman Has Emotional Reunion With Daughter Who Was Adopted 30 Years Ago


Angie Oracoy was 19 years old when she gave up her daughter, Meribeth Blackwell, for adoption in 1986. Meribeth was only six weeks old when she was adopted, and Angie had never even held her daughter.

The pair was reunited for the first time in over 30 years on a recent episode of Good Morning America. As Angie embraced her daughter she exclaimed, “Oh my gosh. You’re so beautiful. It’s so awesome. It’s wonderful. It’s such a good feeling. It feels so natural, too.”

Though Angie has gone on to have three other children she shared, “I really believed in my heart that she could have a family that could support her and that I did not have to offer her. I think I cried for, I don’t even know, a long time.”

Blackwell now has a family of her own, including three children. She had been adopted by a couple in Alabama who had no other children, which she learned when she was six years old.

Blackwell said, “It’s hard because you love your adoptive parents so much, but at the same time you wonder where you belong. You always wonder.”

Blackwell, who is now 31, had searched for her birth mother for years, but kept getting stuck by Louisiana’s strict laws that keep birth records sealed.

Blackwell finally submitted her DNA to the website, MyHeritage.com, and to her surprise she received a match several weeks later.

The pair has communicated virtually since finding each other on the website, but hadn’t yet met in person. In addition to the heartfelt reunion that the morning talk show orchestrated, both women brought their families along with them.

Blackwell finally got to meet the siblings she had always wished for but never had, and Oracoy met her grandchildren for the first time.

“Oh my gosh. Oh my goodness. Hi. Hello” was all Oracoy could manage when she met her grandchildren.